Friday, October 26, 2012

SRPC Endorces General Jeff For DLANC Third Term

Vote For General Jeff-Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Nov. 2012

We are proud to say DELANC Board Member General Jeff is an original member of Skid Row Photography Club. However more importantly  The General is running for re-election this coming November 15th 2012. Location 114 W. 5th street 90013 @ The Downtown Exchange. Voting time is from 2pm to 8pm. Re-elect The General, he's one of us and always fights the good battle for Justis, equality with a positive movement mind-set.

                                                                        Michael Blaze 

General Jeff Running for Re-Election in 2012

At the OVERWHELMING urging of countless Skid Row residents, General Jeff has decided to once again run for re-election to the Board of Directors for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC).

In 2008, when then-Senator Barack Obama first ran for President of the United States, Skid Row was excited about the elections. That energy was also found in DLANC’s elections which happened earlier that year when DLANC had their biggest turnout in it’s history! (since 2002)….Now, President Obama is running for re-election and so is General Jeff. Thus far, Skid Row is once again excited about the elections. Only this time, DLANC elections happen AFTER the Presidential elections.

That said, General Jeff is also a community activist for the Skid Row community and residents. His long list of successes include the renovation of Gladys Park, which includes the NIKE basketball court (2008), brand new chess/dominoes tables (2009) and most recent fitness equipment-dip bars (2011). Since then, General Jeff has had a major hand in numerous events in Skid Row such as the “Operation Skid Row Music Festival”, which featured well over 30 music recording artists such as Public Enemy (Chuck D and Flavor Flav), Kurupt from the Dogg Pound (think Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dog), Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Yo-Yo (think Ice Cube), The Lady of Rage (think Death Row Records) and King T (think Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records).


Another MAJOR accomplishment happened earlier this year (2012) when both Skid Row Housing Trust (January) and SRO Housing Corporation (March) both completely abolished (removed) their charging of overnight guest fees. General Jeff first started this effort in 2008 when he negotiated with SRHT to have them accept his pilot project that waived the overnight guest fees for 6 months. Because the pilot project was so successful, an extension happened. And quite obviously, the extensions continued until they were permanently removed. SRO Housing Corp followed after countless meetings and aggressive public urgings by General Jeff, which also included powerful political support on various levels.


We have much more work to do, but have SUBSTANTIAL PROOF that we are making a difference!!!!!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Downtown LA Neighborhood Councilman harassed, handcuffed and ticketed by LAPD

9/27/12, benito compito “aka OG MAN”<> wrote
As the ” Official Spokesperson of OG’s N Service Association, I have been given the ” task ” to weigh-in on this incident involving General Jeff and LAPD-Central Division.
After leaving the ” streets ” of Skid Row today, especially around San Julian Street ( The HEART of Skid Row ), Association members believe there is a need to comment, due to the ” history ” of the issue.
First, WALKING IN THE STREETS, is pretty much part of the ” culture  of the neighborhood “! It has been going on as long as I can remember. Skidronians walk in the ” streets ” , stand on the curbs, for many reasons.
Some are afraid to walk on the sidewalks ( remember, we do have individuals that suffer from various traumatic incidents and mental illness ); Sometimes there are ” just too many folks ” on the sidewalk at times; Sometimes there is ” just too much TRASH ” to walk on the sidewalk, etc.

If there was a ” law against ” walking in the street, especially on SAN JULIAN STREET, the very HEART of Skid Row Culture, it should be done away with or at least tolerated. If it’s a ” safety issue ” than concern oneself with those mentally ill individuals that OBVIOUSLY need help. I have witness ” butt-naked ” women and men stop buses, stop traffic and the Skid Row community residents would have to be the ones that get them out of the streets. And you what the response of the community is, ” WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN WE NEED ONE”!? So much for the law.
Now, the other issue of concern. For 5 (Five) long years, General Jeff, myself and others have sweep up the streets of Skid Row, while ” police officers ” have just rode around and watch. Are they saying that it was legal to walk in the streets as long as we are sweeping up the streets? Are they saying that ” we can’t walk in the same streets that we have cleaned up? THAT’S THE LAW!!
Again, there’s history behind all this! I know General Jeff. Everyone that knows him understand ” he’s passionate ” about things. Speaks his mind about things. His No’s mean NO; His YES’s mean YES; and his Maybes mean MAYBE. Unfortunately, just because an ” individual is a police officer ” DOES NOT MEAN that they are correct. If so, there would be at least 100 CITATIONS a day given out for ” standing in the streets or on the curb “! It would be ” complete nonsense to ” nit-pick “! To pull up on ” every single person in Skid Row and say, ” get out the street; get on the curb; keep walking, etc. TIME COULD BE WELL SPENT doing other things.
Well, it the within the officer power of authority. That kind of thinking kept RAMPART in business far too long.
Many officer push that “TO SERVE &TO PROTECT”, but Skid Row needs ” veteran police, not rookies that understand it ” TO SERVE & RESPECT”. We need veteran officers like Captain Andrew Smith, Officer Julie Munson,Officer Deon Joseph, Officer S. Nichols, Officer Andre Dawson, Officer Jack Richter, etc. ( there are others. Apologize if I left you out, but ladies and gentlemen know who you are ).
That’s why veteran officers can get so much done. They get respected because they give respect. Respect helps an officer go a long, long, long way, so they can SERVE & PROTECT.
Sincerely & Respectfully,
Manuel Benito Compito
aka OG Man
Official Spokesperson
OG’s N Service Association
www.goggle (Manuel Compito)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

LAPD Clash With Occupy LA Protesters - Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk Night July turns into an unexpected LAPD clash with occupy LA Movement. Two hours before the protest there was a major police incident when an Occupy  LA movement artist was writing slogans on the sidewalk on Spring St. Between 5th & 6th Streets it may have been as many as fifty officers that all came to arrest this one women writing with a piece of chalk about two hours later people of the occupy LA movement stage an unscheduled protest about what they considered a misjustice this time around the LAPD sent what appeared to be around two hundred officers mostly in riot gear, for the most part the situation was handled very well when you consider several of the protesters literally push on officers without hardly any of them being arrested

Saturday, June 2, 2012

In California, Indian Tribes With Casino Money Cast Off Members

Native American Genocide-Chukchansi Disenrollment- Tribal Wars 2012

The Picayune Rancheria recently stopped providing many benefits to the tribe's existing "petitioners" -- tribal members of Chukchansi descent that are not direct descendents of a Chukchansi given allotment land by the U.S. government in 1887. About 60 petitioners are thought to remain, one member said. Membership with the tribe is on shaky ground for the majority of the tribe, many Chukchansi say, because membership is no longer just about being a direct lineal descendant, and criteria in the Chukchansi constitution is interpreted differently by each new tribal council.
A point of concern in the constitution: "All persons of Chukchansi Indian blood who have a special relationship with the tribe not shared by Indians in general."

Those concerned say the statement is too loosely defined, and that criteria for meeting the "special relationship" requirement is too ambiguous.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mario Van Peebles Presents Amiri Baraka - Poetic Justice @ CAAM


Amiri Baraka, born in 1934, in Newark, New Jersey, USA, is the author of over 40 books of essays, poems, drama, and music history and criticism, a poet icon and revolutionary political activist who has recited poetry and lectured on cultural and political issues extensively in the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.

  -SOMEONE BLOW UP AMERICA- on September 11th 2001

"Poetic License," covers the uproar surrounding controversial poet Amiri Baraka. The militant Marxist Baraka has long been known for his confrontational writing designed to challenge the white establishment, particularly during the "black power" heyday of the '60s. Here Mario Van Peebles outlines the furor over Baraka's post-9/11 poem, "Somebody Blew Up America," in which the poet draws a difficult comparison between the terrorist attack and long-simmering internal problems in America that have been elided in our outrage toward foreign enemies.

Any long-time reader of Amiri Baraka should not be surprised at the content of his work. This was, after all, a poet who once announced (in the mid-'60s poem "Black People!") that the magic words that would create solidarity in the black community were "Up against the wall mother/fucker this is a stick up!" But Van Peebles' piece is less about the poem itself than about everything surrounding the performance of Baraka's work. Talking heads abound, trying to dissect the finer points of arts funding, New Jersey politics, Israeli governmental policies (stemming from some borderline anti-Semitic suggestions in the poem), apocalyptic fervor, and so forth, as if trying to cram in a textbook worth of information before time runs out. Baraka's own voice, powerful in the few moments we get to hear it between the analysis, nearly gets buried in the crosstalk.
The full version is on DVD @ Amazon "Poetic Justice" directed by Mario Van Peebles. Location California African American Museum several years back also Conney Williams & son Noah do a presentation called "Confessions of A Black Man
Retro Blaze from 2005" Target Sunday's At California African American Museum happens the first Sunday of each month even now six years later, always free.

        Actor, Director, Humanitarian & Dad Mario Van Peebles 

                                     Poet Playwright Activist





Sunday, April 22, 2012

Occupy Fresno / Day 197/ Fighting Against Corporate America

                                           Occupier Patch & Three legged dog Bandit

Occupy Fresno / Day 197/ Fighting Against Corporate America. I interview two gentlemen who are active members in "OCCUPY FRESNO " now just days before the 200 day mark of relentless occupation by Patch & his three legged dog Bandit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

President Obama Speaks Out On Behalf Of Trayvon Martin's Family

                                                  Trayvon Martin Murdered @ 17 years of age

                                                    Leimert Park Rally For Justice